by WhirlwindFX

Gaming just got cooler.

Vortx gets you closer to the action by adding heat, wind, and ambient cooling to your PC gaming experience.


Introducing Vortx.

Vortx is an intelligent fan that creates simulated air & heat effects in real time, augmenting any PC gaming experience.

  • Works with any game.
  • Plug and Play setup.
  • Free shipping.
  • 30-day worry-free guarantee.

See the magic.

Watch as Jessica Conditt at Engadget takes Vortx for a spin, and talks about the strengths and future of the product.

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What others are saying.

We think Vortx is great, but don't take our word for it - check out what others are saying.

Streamers, this is a cool way to further show off a playthrough of a new game.

It's for the gamer looking into the future of where gaming as medium is going.'s no doubt an unforgettable product that we encourage you to try if you get the chance.

...built for an era when game developers are pushing at the edges of escapism from every angle, with every human sense.

Vortx is here to stay.

We are continuing to improve our algorithms and feature-set to best suit your games. Supplemental machine-learning and advanced computer vision techniques help create an augmented experience that delivers again, and again.

It's a unique immersion device built for an era when game developers are pushing at the edges of escapism from every angle, with every human sense.

EX Engine

The EX engine creates physical responses to video and audio information. Vortx lets you feel what you see and hear.

The tech.

The EX engine creates physical responses to dynamic media. Simply, Vortx lets you feel what you see and hear.

Step 1 - Plug.

With an easy plug-and-play USB setup, Vortx employs the "EX Algorithm", a patented environmental experience engine that creates physical responses to media instantly. The warm or cool air adds a level of presence and depth to your experience, bringing you inside your games like never before.

Step 2 - Play.

The EX Algorithm breaks down audio and video information into small sub-components, analyzes those components and then uses the aggregated data to generate environmental effects. These air effects are generated on the fly without any significant CPU usage so that gameplay is uninterrupted.

Step 3 - Customize.

An innovative hinged plate air deflector forces air through heating elements for precise temperature control and environmental simulation. Customize your experience further with an intensity control dial and an adjustable nozzle for air flow.

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  • Dimensions 5.5" x 5.5" x 9"
  • Airflow 15 mph
  • Weight 3 lbs
  • Temperature 99F
  • Guarantee 30-day worry free
  • Shipping Free to USA/Canada
  • USB A Cable Included

Be blown away.

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